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logo - Alma


Alma Delicatessen has a net of 33 supermarkets located in biggest Polish cities.It has more than 40 000 grocery items in offer, among them products exclusively imported from UE, both Americas, Asia and Africa. In Alma Delicatessen you can find its private label – Krakowski Kredens.

Telephone: 12 297 36 30

logo - C&A


C&A offers customers best value, safe, quality products.
C&A actively contributes, where economically feasible, to the protection of the environment.
C&A is so popular with its customers because, now as always, offers good quality products at extremely favourable prices. Yet that on its own would surely not be enough.  Despite constant and ever faster changes in fashion trends, C&A has the knack of giving customers exactly what they are looking for. C&A has got eleven dedicated subbrands ensure that, big or small, hip and trendy or classic and elegant, they have the fashion product their customers want. This can only happen because designers and buyers work as a team and have a sure feel for the taste of tomorrow and today.

Telephone: 12 297 37 10


logo - CARRY


CARRY to moda codzienna i weekendowa dla kobiet i mężczyzn, a także dzieci – w każdym sezonie
nowoczesna w detalu i kolorze. Kolekcje CARRY są komfortowe, pełne energii i najmodniejszych
trendów. Łącząc wygodne fasony, różnorodne tkaniny, ciekawe kroje i bogatą paletę barw –
CARRY zachowuje elegancki klasyczny szyk i młodzieżowy komfort. CARRY to styl praktyczny i
ponadczasowy dla każdego, w każdym wieku, na każdą porę roku.

logo - CCC


CCC are the most recognizable shoe shops in Poland. Sales in CCC is based on “house of brands”, which means that it involves many brands under the same roof: so shoes are being sold under CCC brand, as well as under the name of other manufacturers. CCC are situated in medium-sized and big cities, there are over 300 shops in Poland.

Telephone: 12 297 36 10

logo - Douglas


Douglas is a network of over 1000 luxury perfumery. Perfume Douglas offers “something more” than just selling cosmetics: creating life style understood as a wide range of services and benefits for the customer.
Perfume Douglas is Poland’s largest selection of world and national cosmetics, as well as makeup and fragrances. The Douglas perfumeries, both in Poland and around the world, you can count on professional service and free beauty and make up advices provided by highly trained personnel.

Telephone: 12 297 37 00

logo - Euro RTV AGD


RTV EURO AGD is the first nationwide retail network. offers audio-visual equipment, mechanized equipment, laptops and other computer equipment, photographic

logo - KAKADU


W sklepie zoologicznym KAKADU wszyscy miłośnicy zwierząt otrzymają pełną gamę produktów przeznaczonych do kompleksowej opieki i pielęgnacji swoich pupili. Nasz personel otoczy ich fachową opieką.

logo - Kantor Exchange

Kantor Exchange

Kantor Exchange w Futura Parku Kraków

Kupno i sprzedaż walut obcych: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CZK, HUF, DKK, NOK, SEK, AUD, CAD, JPY, HRK, UAH, BGN, RON, RUB, LTL, SCP, BIL, CZB, CHB, GBB, LVL.

Telefon: 12 297 37 36

logo - LOTTO


Punkt LOTTO.

logo - Deichmann


DEICHMANN is an international network of shoe stores, which range is widely recognized by clients in dozens of countries worldwide. Long-term presence on the Polish market has enabled the company a thorough knowledge of the expectations of customers, and flexibility of matching product offerings to consumers needs. Modern styles and interesting design make company’s products not only perform, but often also designate, fashion trends. All this makes the Deichmann one of the most recognizable and most popular footwear brands in the country.

Telefon: 12 297 35 58

logo - Matras


Matras is a leader in the distribution of books on the Polish market. In bookstores in Polish Matras offers over 130,000 titles of books and a few million copies of the literature through the biographies of the children’s books. Readers will find us not only bestsellers
and news, as well as niche items and sought after by connoisseurs. Matras Bookstores are located in 70 towns, and depending on your area offer from 5,000 to 35,000 titles. Titles available on księgarnianej shelf at any given time can be ordered from booksellers or on our website Matras permanently cooperates with 120 independent bookstores, supplies about 100 libraries and provide books to 1,500 bookstores and 1,900 other customers (schools, public institutions, companies) and collaborates with 1,500 publishers

Telephone: 12 297 35 78

logo - Nail & Waxing Bar

Nail & Waxing Bar

Nail & Waxing Bar Salon Kosmetyczny

Zabiegi kosmetyczne twarzy
Nowej generacji dermatologiczny system naprawy skóry pHformula. Intensywne odmładzanie, terapia skór tłustych i trądzikowych, terapia skóry wrażliwej, redukcja przebarwień.
Mikrodermabrazja, ultradźwięki, mezoterapia mikro-igłowa Revitacare, Innoaesthetics, pHformula

Manicure, pedicure
Zadbaj o dłonie dbając o swoje zdrowie. Narzędzia sterylizujemy we własnym autoklawie medycznym. Dajemy Ci pełna ochronę przed grzybami i wirusami HIV, HBC, HCV.
Przedłużanie i zagęszczanie rzęs metodą 1:1,2D,3D
Depilacja Lycon
Henna i regulacja brwi

Telefon: 734 107 071

logo - PEPCO


Home and clothing

Telefon: 12 297 37 32

logo - PLAY


PLAY – the fastest growing mobile operator in POLAND. Over six million customers use our services. This gives us 12% market share, but it is definitely not enough for us. We are the most often chosen operator for those customers who decide to change their service provider and transfer their number. Statistically, out of every 10 people who transfer their number almost seven choose PLAY.

logo - Post Office

Post Office

Poczta Polska post office.

logo - Salon fryzjerski Szutkowska

Salon fryzjerski Szutkowska


logo - Smyk


SMYK is an international chain of specialist children’s stores. It is part of Empik Media & Fashion Group, the leading operator of consumer brands in the region. Currently Smyk stores are operating in Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania.
SMYK stores are unique children’s stores where shopping is funny and convenient, also for kids. SMYK offers wide range of products for children from 0 to 14 years old “under one roof”. SMYK departments include baby clothing and accessories, girl’s clothing, boy’s clothing, footwear and toys as well as multimedia and books. SMYK offers its own renowned exclusive brands COOL CLUB and SMIKI.

Telephone: 22 461 09 58

logo - SPHINX


Sphinx restaurants + multicultural and oriental cuisine.

Telefon: 725 100 171

logo - Superpharm


Superpharm is  a unique combination of pharmacy, drugstore and perfumery. The place for you, your health, beauty and convenience. Now a network of SuperPharm operates in most major cities in Poland.
Telephone: 12 297 37 06

logo - Triumph


The Triumph store offers a wide collection of women’s lingerie, men’s underwear, and bathing costumes in the summer season. Triumph underwear is body friendly and gives an irresistible sense of luxury and comfort.

Telephone: 12 297 36 28

logo - Usługi krawieckie

Usługi krawieckie

Tailor services
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10-21 / Sunday 10-20

Telefon: 789-161-151

logo - is a rapidly developing travel agency, which offers the best Polish organisers’ tourist offers. Because of our customers’ great interest in our services, we had decided to take it one step further and expanded our business by opening a stationary office. Booking holidays online is still available though.

Telephone: 12 297 36 88